The rules of the game are quickly taking a new dimension and changing the way curvy ladies shop. This necessity arose from the challenges plus size women face when they walk into their favorite stores and can not find what fits and also match their style.

 Shopping irrespective of the category you fall into with respect to size should be fun and not frustrating. Most shoppers basically feel like there is a huge gap in the fashion industry that overlooks or ignores their needs. Luckily enough, a lot of top fashion brands and online stores have taken heed to this complaint and are taking appropriate steps to bridge the gap and promote size inclusion in their catalogs.

 However, a lot still needs to be done to ensure that the needs of all women regardless of their sizes are catered for.

 Notwithstanding, below are some tips to help guide you when shopping for your favorite items or clothing and avoid any undesirable experience while searching for an outfit that fits you properly and feels great.  

  • Find a store that is perfect for your needs

 One of the most important tips when shopping as a curvy woman is to try and take control of the situation, by basically, putting yourself in a position where you are not going to be treated rudely or disrespected in any manner just because of how you look. To accomplish this feat, it is always a good idea to find a store that you feel most comfortable in and also have put in place the necessary provisions to ensure that you have a pleasant and memorable shopping experience.

 It is also a smart move to request in advance for a sales associate with specialty and experience on sizing, who can help you throughout the entire process from selecting and eventually trying out an outfit.

 Shopping at a store comprising of well-groomed associates who understand your situation and are always ready to help navigate your options in the section dedicated to those with curves, is bound to make your experience more thrilling and less traumatizing. 

  • Comfort and style

 When shopping for a new outfit or addition to your closet, it is really important to pay attention to how comfortable you feel when wearing whatever you choose. The importance of comfort cannot be overlooked, because as a curvy lady you do not want to be spilling out of your dress in undesirable areas or constantly struggling to adjust a particular side because it is too tight or ill-fitting.

 When you have found an outfit you are most comfortable with, your next priority should be style! Your choice should be an extension and reflection of your personality and not based on other people's opinions. No doubt second opinions matter, but they should not be in the form of added pressure. The truth is you can look good and still feel comfortable at the same time. 

  • Keep an open mind

 The Sad truth is that despite the efforts made by some stores to be more size-inclusive, the options available are still not substantial enough for plus size women who want to wear beautiful and stylish pieces. Therefore, to ensure that your shopping experience is worthwhile and hitch-free as a curvy shopper, you need to keep an open mind by having realistic expectations on certain pieces that you may be able to work with and also be ready to compromise by settling for alternate options that are still cute and looks great on you.


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